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On-Site Home & Business   PC Repair

     We come to you - or you can bring it to us

  • Business I.T. support on  site

  • Virus & SpyWare Removal

  • E-Mail setup & problem solving

  • Home LapTop & Desktop PC Setup & Repair

  • FIOS & Cable Modem Setup
  • WiFi Problem Resolution

  • Printer/Scanner Repair

Jersey Tech Support home PC repair

Jersey Tech Support uses Microsoft certified technicians to do your computer repair.  Our technicians are trained and certified by Microsoft  as experts on Windows, Networks and Applications.


PC Virus & Spy-Ware Removal & Protection

Is your computer acting funny? Have friends reported getting strange emails from you?  If you detect or suspect a computer virus on your PC, please contact us immediately.  

We remove the infection, but save your valuable data!

E-mail, Internet and AOL Problems

Need to get connected? Can't get your workstation to link to your cable-modem or FIOS connections properly? We can quickly fix most e-mail problems on most messaging systems such as Outlook, Exchange, AOL, etc. 

Wireless Network Access

Whether setting up a new wireless router at home or setting your laptop to access Wi-Fi hot spots while you travel, or sharing your network for multiple PCs, we can help you. In addition, we are network security experts so we can keep strangers outside your house out of  your wireless connection.

PC Trouble-Shooting and Repair

Is your PC slowing down or  freezing? Hardware not working right? Our computer repair techs can fix the problem.  We support all modern versions of Windows 10,  8.1,  8.0,  7, and even Windows Vista.

Setup A New Computer System

Just leave it in the box and call us. We will completely setup your new computer, including your printer, scanner, camera, palm pilot etc. We can also train you and/or your company how to use the new equipment.

Data Recovery

You can never be too safe these days.  Jersey Tech Support can effectively locate all of  your important files and set up and automatic backup system for you.

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